What Sink Style Should You Get in Your Bathroom Remodel?

kitchen sink

You have finally bought a house, congrats! With that, it gives you the freedom to do all the home renovations that you please. One of the most common remodelling projects is the bathroom. Here’s a guide to the different types of sink style options available to help you narrow down your choice of bathroom fixtures.

Basin or Tabletop

These sit on top of a counter and can come in a multitude of shapes like square or circular. Popular over the last few years, this sink style provides a contemporary, albeit splashy, look.


Taking up very little floor space, these are more seen in small bathrooms or older homes. They give off a vintage feel but provide no storage space and often come with mirrors that have medicine cabinets attached above.

Wall Mounted

Like the names says, these sinks are mounted to the wall and take up no floor space whatsoever as they float in the air and can be installed to fit your height. If you need more floor space but want a more modern feel than a pedestal sink gives, consider a wall mounted sink.


A recent trend in the minimalistic sink style fashion, undermount has no rim and is installed under the countertop to give it a seamless look.


Built into a cabinet, it resembles the undermount sink style, but the rim of the bowl is level with the counter. Noticeable by its providing ample counter space.

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