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Do you have a burst pipe thanks to frigid weather? The water within your piping is vulnerable to freezing if the temperature is cold for long periods of time, or in sudden drops in temperature. Metal along with plastic outside components are most susceptible to becoming frozen, but even some interior plumbing can be vulnerable to this kind of harm. Call us at (512) 520-0056 if you require dependable frozen pipe repair in Austin, TX. The experts at GC Plumbing have been servicing frozen plumbing for years, and we are glad to offer tips on how to prevent more frozen pipes later on.

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In order for your pipes to freeze, the temperature outside has to be below freezing.  Pipes in homes in warmer climates are more susceptible to freeze because they are not well insulated against the cold.  Signs that your pipes have frozen include frost under your sinks and no running water.  When the pipes begin to thaw you may experience several leaks throughout your plumbing system.  If you need frozen pipe repair in your home, shut off the main water supply to your home and call (512) 520-0056 for emergency plumbing services.

In order to avoid the problems associated with frozen pipes, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent frozen pipes in the first place.  First, make sure your heat is set at 68 degrees or higher.  Second, open the cabinet doors under your sinks.  This exposes the pipes to the warm air in the house. Finally, turn all the faucets on to a slow drip.  This will keep water flowing in the pipes and make them less likely to freeze.

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During icy weather, your exterior pipes are vulnerable to freezing, just like anything else. When water becomes frozen, it expands and can place too much pressure on your home’s pipes, causing them to break, which of course leads to leaking. When you require fast, reliable, as well as affordable frozen pipe repair in Austin, TX, don’t hesitate to contact our plumbers at (512) 520-0056! Our plumbers provide a wide selection of plumbing services, and all of our plumbers are fully insured for client peace of mind.