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Every modern kitchen can benefit from the help of a garbage disposal. Your home's garbage disposal is a fantastic way to prevent clogs in your kitchen pipes. Disposals make it simpler to wash dishes efficiently, by taking away the risk of clogs from food particles. Different from popular belief, your disposal is not made for handling anything you wash down it, and you should avoid washing lemon peels and similar objects down it.

These appliances will also become sizable problems when compromised or clogged. Unpleasant scents and unsanitary conditions can become the effect of food that otherwise could get rinsed down the drain. A safety threat will additionally get fashioned through impaired garbage disposals. Contact (512) 520-0056 right away to schedule a garbage disposal repair in Austin, TX from GC Plumbing. To make everything easier, depend on our trusted, esteemed garbage disposal repair.

Items You Should Never Put in The Disposal

Garbage disposals typically have light service necessities. If you want to avoid needing garbage disposal repair, you must pay close attention to what you put down the drain. You will keep your machine in the best condition if you avoid placing the following down the drain:

Fibrous Foods

Generally speaking, you should avoid putting fibrous items down the disposal. The reason for this that some fibers can tangle around the blades of the disposal and overwork the motor. Fibrous item examples include carrots, corn husks, artichokes, onion skins, and asparagus. Use smaller amounts and run the cold tap if you must place them in the drain.

Starchy Foods

Starches stand as another kind of food to not place in the garbage disposal. Starches will not only absorb water and swell but will eventually harden into a paste. The operation of the garbage disposal can be impeded by this hardened paste, which will over time cause a clog in the pipe. Items such as pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans are things to avoid.

Plumber Completing Garbage Disposal Repair

You Can Avoid Garbage Disposal Repair By Being Aware of What the Disposal Can Actually Handle.

Oils and Grease

Maybe the single-most important item to avoid with garbage disposals, grease and oil create big trouble. These substances can not only collect and obstruct your pipes but can additionally coat the disposal’s blades and leave them less effective. Oil and grease that is trapped in the disposal and pipes will start to decay and stink.


Regardless of stories to the contrary, egg shells don’t do any good for the garbage disposal. Eggshells simply obstruct piping and do not enhance a device’s teeth. As shells become broken down, they become a sand-like substance which has problems washing down the pipes. The shells will become stuck in the pipes, where they will form a clog.

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