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Crack in Foundation

A Crack In Your Foundation Could Mean that You Need Slab Leak Repair.

Is your house displaying symptoms of a slab leak, such as an unexplained increase in the water bill, or pooling water on the first floor? Incredibly damaging as well as hard to find, slab leaks are one of the plumbing problems that definitely require professional slab leak repair services. If you are concerned due to water leaking in your home, you do not have any time to lose, as the damage will already be very extensive. When you require affordable slab leak repair in Austin, TX, don’t wait. Give our plumbers a ring at (512) 520-0056 as quickly as you can. This type of repair is obviously complex, but also extremely hard, which is a good reason you should only rely on experienced technicians like the ones at GC Plumbing!

Do You Need Slab Leak Repair?

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Due to how hard slab leaks can be to find, they are one of the most destructive leaks your house can spring. Changes in the water bill, like sudden increases in usage, are important indications of slab leaks, as well as one of the only early warning signals a homeowner can depend on. Once a month, turn off all of the water reliant appliances in the house and step outside to take a look at your water meter for signals. If all of the water in the home is shut off, but your water meter is continuing to run, there is a leak located in your plumbing. We can find as well as provide slab leak repair much faster if you can recognize it before it begins to leak into the house.

Slab Leak Repair Services

Slab leaks happen when the water line underneath your home’s concrete slab springs a leak, and after time, that leak will create significant destruction to your slab as well as forcing its way up to your home. By diligently keeping an eye on your water bill, you can prevent extreme damages that are irreparable if you allow the leak to flood the basement. At GC Plumbing, our plumbers are prepared to help with any emergency slab leak repair, so give us a ring at (512) 520-0056 if you need us! With plenty of experience helping homeowners like yourself with slab leak repair in Austin, TX, our plumbers can quickly detect the source of any leak, as well as fix it promptly.