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Does your bathtub fill with water as you shower? Is your sewer system backing up into your home? GC Plumbing is available to help if you need a plumber in Jonestown, Tx to fix these or other serious plumbing or sewer issues. Our company is available to provide area residents plumbing repairs they are able to depend on. Working with the latest technology from the industry, we work hard to offer you the most dependable plumbing solutions. Every plumber in our office has years of experience in the plumbing industry and is fully certified and insured. In addition to a professional staff, we offer the best plumbing fixtures from the industry’s highest ranking manufacturers. When your plumbing needs to be repaired and you’re searching for a plumber in Jonestown, Tx, remember GC Plumbing is dedicated to excellence. You are able to our staff at (512) 520-0056. Click on the links below to find out more regarding our services for your specific plumbing needs.

Our Services

General Plumbing

General Plumbing Services

Plumbing PartsGC Plumbing offers services for both residential and commercial plumbing systems. We offer services to unclog and fix your sewer drains. When you need to remodel your kitchen, we offer a variety of services to install new faucets throughout your house. Let us handle all your plumbing needs so you are able to focus on other, more important things.

Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water Heater TankGC Plumbing is able to repair or replace both traditional and tankless style water heaters. Our plumbers are prepared to fix or replace both gas and electric water heaters. Every plumber in our office is very knowledgeable about water heaters and we can help you choose and upgrade when the time comes for a replacement. If you require reliable water heater repair, contact our office.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Services

Water Filtration SystemThe water flowing out of your faucets is generally safe to drink, but it may not be as pure as it can be. GC Plumbing provides water treatment systems to clean and soften your water. Treating your water has several benefits for your health and your plumbing system. If you want to talk to a plumber about getting a water treatment system, call our staff.

Water Heater Repair Near You

Plumber Completing Water Heater Repair

If You Need a Plumber for Water Heater Repair, Call us Today.

There are a lot of services provided by GC Plumbing. One of our primary services is water heater repair and replacement. We are able to diagnose most issues with almost all models of water heaters. After we know what is causing the problem, we will suggest repairs or replacement. When it time to replace your water heater, we are able toinstall a newer, more efficient model. When you need to employ a plumber for water heater repair in Jonestown, Tx, give us a call at (512) 520-0056 to schedule an appointment.

Get Grinder Pump Repair Right Away

Grinder pumps push sewage and wastewater out from your home or business to the main city sewer line, which means that maintaining them in proper working condition is extremely important. In order to protect your house or business, GC Plumbing offers expert grinder pump repair in Jonestown, Tx. We can send a plumber to your home or office to complete a grinder pump inspection. We’re able to diagnose most issues your pump may be having and we will talk you through the different options to help you choose the solution that is best for you. When you think that there is something amiss with your grinder pump, don’t hesitate at all. Call (512) 520-0056 and ask about our grinder pump repair services.

Hire a Plumber for Emergency Plumbing Repair Right Away?

Man Needing Emergency Plumbing Repair

If You Need Emergency Plumbing Repair, Call a Plumber Right Away.

If you are having a plumbing emergency, you should call a plumber immediately. If pipes freeze or break your home and office are at serious risk. If these issues are left alone, it will result in serious damage to your house. GC Plumbing knows the urgency of these problems and we provide 24/7 services for emergency plumbing in Jonestown, Tx. Contact our office at (512) 520-0056 to alert us to the problem. We will have a plumber at your door to fix the problem as soon as possible.