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Is your toilet always stopped up? Is your sewer backing up into your house? When you require a plumber in Pointe Venture, TX to fix these or other major plumbing issues, GC Plumbing is the place to contact. We are a leading local plumbing company providing high quality services to our clients. Using the most recent technology from the industry, we strive to offer you the most reliable plumbing solutions. Every plumber in our office has years of experience in the industry and is completely licensed and insured. In addition to professional staff members, we provide the best plumbing fixtures from the industry’s highest ranking manufacturers. When you wish to employ a plumber in Pointe Venture, TX, and want someone who’ll do the job right, remember the name GC Plumbing. Set up your appointment by contact (512) 520-0056. Below you’ll find more information about the services we offer.

Our Services

General Plumbing

General Plumbing Services

Plumbing PartsGC Plumbing provides services for both residential and commercial plumbing systems. Our services include inspections and repairs for your primary sewer and water pipes. When you need to remodel your kitchen, we offer a variety of services to install brand new plumbing fixtures throughout your house. Whatever you need for your house or business, let a plumber from our office help.

Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water Heater TankGC Plumbing can repair or replace both traditional and tankless style water heaters. We also service both gas and electric water heaters. When the time comes for you to replace your older water heater, allow us to help you pick a water heater upgrade. Contact our office today to set up your water heater repair appointment.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Services

Water Filtration SystemMunicipal tap water has been through a water treatment plant to make it safe to drink, but it may still contain contaminants. If you need to soften or purify you water, GC Plumbing provides water treatment systems in Pointe Venture, TX. Purified of softened water offers great health advantages and extends the life of your appliances. Call our office when you want to speak to a plumber about installing a water treatment system today.

  • Water Softeners Water softeners remove minerals, such as calcium, from the water.
  • Water Filtration You can improve the quality of your water with a water filtration system.

Schedule Your Water Heater Repair Today

Plumber Completing Water Heater Repair

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There are many services offered by GC Plumbing. One of our specialities is water heater repair and replacement. When your water heater isn’t working properly, let us a send a plumber to perform a diagnostic. After the diagnostic, our plumber will suggest options for the best water heater repair solutions. When it time to replace your water heater, we are able toinstall a better, more efficient model. Do not wait until your utility closet is flooded to schedule water heater repair in Pointe Venture, TX. Contact our staff at (512) 520-0056.

Expert Grinder Pump Repair From a Dependable Plumber

If your house or office has a grinder pump to pump sewage and wastewater uphill to the main city sewer line, it is important to keep the pump in excellent condition. If your pump begins to fail, GC Plumbing provides grinder pump repair in Pointe Venture, TX. When you need a plumber to examine, repair or replace your grinder pump, let our staff help you. Based on the condition of the pump, we will recommend repairs or a full replacement. Don’t wait until you have a sewage backup. Schedule your grinder pump repair by contacting our office at (512) 520-0056.

Do You Need Emergency Plumbing Services?

Man Needing Emergency Plumbing Repair

If You Need Emergency Plumbing Repair, Call a Plumber Right Away.

Certain plumbing problems require immediate repairs from a plumber. Frozen or burst pipes and sewage backups are all examples of plumbing emergencies. These issues pose a serious threat to your house or business if they aren’t resolved quickly. For all your emergency plumbing in Pointe Venture, TX, GC Plumbing is the place to call. If you need a plumber at your home or office right away, call our staff at (512) 520-0056. We’ll have a plumber at your door to address the situation as soon as possible.