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If you own a home or business in Austin, TX, then you have plenty of clean drinking water at your disposal. The water flowing into homes and businesses has been treated to kill bacteria at a municipal water treatment facility. Chlorine is often used to kill the bacteria in the water, which does nothing to destroy the other contaminants in the water. This means that the water coming from your tap is carrying minerals and chlorine residue. These contaminants can have a negative impact on your plumbing system, your appliances and even your health. The good news is that there is a way to remove the leftover contaminants from the water. You can install one of the water treatment systems in Austin, TX from GC Plumbing. Call (512) 520-0056 to set up an installation appointment and start improving your water quality today.

Benefits of Water Treatment Systems

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Water Treatment Systems Remove a Variety of Contaminants From the Water in Your Home.

While the water flowing out of your pipes might look clean, it can have minerals and other contaminants that can leave behind build up and sediment around your home. Installing one of our water treatment systems can remove the minerals or impurities in your water and provide many benefits for your home. One of the biggest benefits of cleaner water is a cleaner home. Minerals and other impurities in the water system contribute to the build of soap scum on shower walls, stains in toilet bowls, as well as water spots on dishes cleaned in a dishwasher. Water treatment systems also improve the health of your kidneys and skin. Water treatment systems can also extend the life of your appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines. In addition to all the other benefits, you will probably experience fewer problems with your plumbing and sewer systems because there will be less sediment build up inside the pipes.

Learn More About Water Treatment Systems

At GC Plumbing we provide two main water treatment systems in Austin, TX. These two systems are designed to remove minerals and chlorine residue from your water supply. They can be installed as individual units under a sink or near an appliance, or you can purchase a system that will treat every drop of water that enters your home. If you would like to learn more about our water treatment systems, give us a call at (512) 520-0056. You can also click on the links below for detailed information about each system.

  • Water Softeners A water softener can protect your home from calcium and limescale build up in your plumbing and appliances.
  • Water Filtration Water filtration systems can be attached to the main water supply to provide cleaner water throughout the entire house.