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One of Many Different Types of Water Treatment Systems

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Getting water in our homes and businesses instantly is made possible with modern plumbing advancements. If you are in the kitchen or the bathroom, cleaning, washing clothes, bathing, and cooking is so much easier. Our water, while somewhat clean, can still have contaminants and particles floating in it. Even if your water does go through a water plant, it can have signs of chlorine, bacteria, and more. When there is a high level of these contaminants, they can have effects on our health.

At GC Plumbing, we are not only a plumbing company who offers various plumbing repairs and installations, we also offer water treatment services in Round Rock and Lago Vista, TX. Our water treatment service includes installing treatment systems that are able to get rid of particles and contaminants in your water. Whether you get your water through the city or a well, we have the water treatment systems for your particular need. to make an appointment with one of our plumbers, dial (512) 520-0056 today! We are ready to provide your home or business with better tasting and looking water.

Types of Water Treatment Systems and Services We Offer

Plumber Installing a Water Filtration System

Our Water Treatment Services Include Water Softeners and Water Filtration.

We believe that every person deserves fresh tasting water that is safe. Because of this, we offer water treatment services and systems that we believe are able to solve any type of water issue. If you are looking to reduce hard water issues or you want to remove toxins from your water, we have the solutions for you! At GC Plumbing, we are able to provide installation, maintenance, repair service for water softeners and water filtration systems. No matter which one you need for your home or business, our plumbers can install it. If for some reason one of these systems isn’t working, we can provide the necessary repairs. Contact us at (512) 520-0056 to get the best water treatment services in Round Rock and Lago Vista, TX.

Water Filtration

Water Filtration Systems

Plumber Working on a Water Filtration System

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One of the best ways to get clean and safe drinking water for your home or business is by getting a water filtration system. A water filtration system is able to remove particles and contaminants from your water like dirt, sand, chlorine, pesticides, VOCs, and arsenic. The way that it works is that the water filter is installed directly to your water supply, so when your water is turned on, it can remove impurities and toxins from your water. At GC Plumbing, we are able to install and repair water filtration for your Round Rock and Lago Vista, TX home or business. If you want to make an appointment to install this type of system or get it repaired, please contact us at (512) 520-0056.

Signs You Need Water Filtration

Because these types of contaminants and particles in your water cannot be detected by the human eye, it might be hard to tell if there are contaminants and particles are present in your water. However, there are ways to tell if you have issues with your water and if you need a water filtration system.

  • Plumbing and Laundry Stains: Have you noticed brownish or orangish stains on your clothes or plumbing appliances like bathtubs, showers, sinks, or toilets? This usually means that there is iron in your water.
  • Laundry Isn’t Soft: Typically, after we wash our clothes and towels they are usually soft. However, when there is a presence of minerals of soap buildup in your water, it can cause your clothes and towels to be stiff.
  • Funny Tasting Water: The most common ways you can tell if your water is contaminated is if it tastes funny. A salty or metallic taste in your water can indicate that you have sodium, lead, or zinc in your water.
  • Your Water Smells: If you ever find your water smelling like rotten eggs, gas, chlorine, or even fishy, this isn’t normal and there is probably something in your water that shouldn’t be.

At GC Plumbing, we are here to provide professional solutions to combat the problems. The best way to do this is with water filtration. We can install one for you today by calling us at (512) 520-0056. If you have a water filtration system, the most common issues that need repairs include noisy parts, low water pressure, or even leaks.

The Benefits of Water Filtration

If you need more convincing that you need a water filtration system for your home or business, looking at the different benefits you can receive may change your mind.

  • Better Tasting Water: With chlorine, arsenic, pesticides, and bacteria filtered out of your water, your water will taste a lot better.
  • Safer Water: Knowing that you have a water filtration system installed to your water supply or every point of entry in your property can give you a better sense of peace knowing its safe to drink.
  • Your Health Is Protected: Because the filtration system will filter out all the contaminants and particles out of your water, you can reduce the risk of cancer, damages to your kidneys and liver, as well as to your immune system and nervous system.
  • Protects Your Plumbing: Your plumbing is able to work better than before because mineral buildup and sediments are reduced with water filtration.
  • Protects Your Appliances: Just like your plumbing, your appliances like your water heater, washing machine, and showers don’t have to work so hard to function.

Get the best water treatment services in Round Rock and Lago Vista, TX by calling us for a water filtration system for your home or business.

Water Softener

Water Softener System

Plumber Performing Water Softener Repair

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Having hard water in our homes and businesses can have a serious effect on our homes and businesses. Not only can hard water cause issues with laundry, dishes, our hair, and our skin, it can also cause issues with our plumbing, as well. This is because minerals like calcium and magnesium can cause a buildup in your plumbing pipes, which can cause you to have itchy skin, soap scum, dry hair, stiff clothes, and corroded plumbing. The best way that to get rid of this type of water is with a water softener. The plumbing contractors at GC Plumbing can install and repair and water softener for your Round Rock and Lago Vista, TX business or home. Contact our office at (512) 520-0056 and talk with one of our team members about making an appointment.

Why You Might Need a Water Softener

The way that water softeners work is by using a process called ion exchange. The way that it works is that water softeners have beads or crystals in the system that are all negatively charged. Magnesium and calcium are both positively charged, so when hard water that contains these minerals goes through the water softener, they are pulled into the water softener and replaced with sodium ions.

If you are unsure if you need a water softener for your home or business, there are ways to tell

  • Your dishes, silverware, and drinkware all have scaly buildup on them.
  • Your water bill is extremely high because your plumbing has to work twice as hard.
  • You keep having to get plumbing repairs.
  • You have mineral deposits on the sides of your sink or bathtub.
  • Your clothes, towels, and other laundry have faded after only a couple of washes.
  • Your skin becomes dry and itchy.
  • Your hair is severely dry.

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Advantages of a Water Softener

By having a water softener installed in your home or business, you are able to improve your health, appearance, and even your plumbing.

  • Your dishes, silverware, and drinkware will be cleaner.
  • Your monthly water bill will be less.
  • You won’t have to repair plumbing systems and pipes nearly as much.
  • You won’t have mineral deposits on your tub or sinks.
  • Your clothes will be softer and last a lot longer.
  • Your skin will be softer.
  • You won’t have to use a lot of soap or shampoo to make your hair and skin clean and less dry.

If you want to install a water softener in your home or business, contact us today! For homeowner or business owners who have a water softener that requires repairs, we are able to help with that, as well.